An Introduction

I am an artist, a mother and a cancer survivor. In no particular order of importance.

It is two and a half years since I was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of leukaemia, when my child was 9 months old. The road back has been far longer and harder than I ever expected. The treatment was brutal, but so far, beautifully effective,  and recovery has been tortuously slow and beset by hiccups and unexpected (by my family and me anyway) side-effects.

Every aspect of my being has been effected by my illness, by being a mother, by losing mine, all in a tumultuous few years.

Older, tireder, battered and bruised, with many more wrinkles and grey hairs, less spring in my step and a constant, usually controllable, fear. But its good. My daughter is 3. I am alive, and my desire to create, to make, to inhabit my world and play an active part, has begun to return. Its so slow, but its there.

And so its time to look outside of myself, my family and friends, and return to the wider world – of producing work, earning money, engaging, and daring to believe I have a future.