Revisiting the past

So, another painting I finished just before returning to work for the first time in 4 years, is this one.

Acrylic on canvas

It had lain, unfinished in my studio for over 4 years – actually in several studios – moving from Amsterdam, 2 in London, and finally here, home. I’d started this as part of a series of flower paintings and had fallen dramatically out of love with it half way through. Too fed up to finish it but loathe to dispose of a canvas, it bugged me every time I caught sight of it. I turned it to the wall. Then, for some reason, at the end of October I returned to it. I worked non-stop for about 3 hours, very focused and with a sense of urgency and almost flung the colour onto the canvas.

And from something I hated, its become a current favourite. I am not sure whether I think its that “good” but I was so energised by the process, by the lack of fear and the real sense of enjoyment that the end result almost doesn’t matter. Although I do actually like it – I love the strength of colour, the undulating folds and curves, and the energy of the strokes. It is exuberant, and it reminds me that I am exuberant too.