Super fast sketch

Its been a hectic few months what with freelance work, Christmas, and various family commitments of one sort or another and I realised this week I’d not so much as picked up a pencil for far too long.

Time was short but I was determined to draw SOMEthing that day. I have a subject to get working on for a joint exhibition in October, but I’m no further on than words on paper right now, I can’t visualise anything yet, I’ve realised that I rarely start work with a sketch, almost always with a list. I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel very creative.

However, that’s how it goes with me, and the ideas are beginning to form – even though it looks, and feels, like the dreariest of shopping lists right now. Anyway, that being the case – 5 more words on a list wasn’t going to scratch the drawing itch, so I ditched the ‘must do’ of the looming subject, and just drew.  

Charcoal on paper

Charcoal, paper, 5 minutes and an imaginary girl. She has my daughter’s chin.