Inside Out

This piece started life as a response to the title of our October 2015 exhibition "The Edge". I'd taken a photo near my sister's house in Kent, of one of my favourite views, at the point where a stand of trees borders a field. It was late in the afternoon and the sunlight, bright in the centre of field, caused deep and long shadows to stretch out from under the trees, and cast the trees in the distance into darkness. The contrast was striking and the scene lifted my heart.

The painting grew and developed and ultimately disintegrated. Another one sitting on the easel for 6 months.

Fast forward to late Spring 2016 and I had a few unexpected quiet hours to myself, on a rather negative day. The abandoned painting was annoying me, it just hadn't worked. So, in a spirit of anger as much as anything else, I turned it upside down, choose some colours that reflected my mood and painted over the entire work using layers and layers of diluted translucent paint.

It feels fluid and transient, and evokes in me a feeling of optimism and possibility, reminding me that even in the darkest times, there is always light, always hope.

I felt a huge sense of release as I worked, hence the introduction of lighter, softer colours, and ultimately the glorious, shimmery and unapologetic gold.

Inside Out - acrylic on canvas