Autumn, Winter and finally Spring

Its been a positive 6 months or so, I've produced 8 pieces of work of varying sizes, which have been well received, and unusually, even I am relatively pleased with the direction I'm taking and the skills I'm learning.

A lot of the works started out as something quite different  - with some of the canvases being 10 years old, barely started but going nowhere. The elements that originally attracted me to the various subjects were still interesting, and the feel of them flows through the finished work in ways I wasn't expecting. Its been interesting revisiting abandoned work. So much in my life has changed since they were started and I have approached the work in a totally different way, with emphases almost opposite to the original intentions.

I've also had 2 commissions, and am now frantically preparing for my upcoming exhibition as part of the 6328 Studio artists' collective, which opens on 18th May. I'm planning to exhibit 10 of my latest works, which range in size from 25x30cm to 140x70cm, so I need to get my skates on - there are two to finish and two that aren't even an idea in my head yet.

As I'm planning to to frame the smallest 4 in float frames, I've been finding out how to make them myself. I'm loathe to spend a lot of money on expensive frames at this point and I'm confident I can make and paint some pretty lovely ones! Today I bought all the kit I imagine I'll need and so I'm ready to blag my way forward. I really like the idea of being 'self-sufficient' in the end to end production, so I guess it'll be canvas-stretching next. Better actually get some half decent frames made first!, oh and finish the paintings!

The Road Back  - acrylic on canvas 40x50cm

The Road Back - acrylic on canvas 40x50cm