Pictures at an Exhibition

Thursday 18th May saw the opening of my latest exhibition as part of 6328 Studio, in Stoke Newington N16. 

From a long-held position of hating showing or talking about my paintings, due to excruciating awkwardness and embarrassment about the quality of my work, over the last 2 years I've come to love the whole process of exhibiting, especially as part of a group. I find the shared endeavour and camaraderie emotionally energising, and appreciate the practical advantages of working together - the sharing of ideas and financial outlay, the division of labour and the ability to reach a wider audience. It gains a certain momentum and life of its own and carries a refreshing air of unpredictability. On a personal level, I have far more confidence in my work - not because it's necessarily improved, but more that if I like enough about a piece or body of work, I worry less what other people may think. Criticism no longer cuts so deep.

There is of course a huge amount of compromise involved, which I have, on occasion found incredibly hard, but on balance, it's an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Towards the end of last year we agreed on 'INSIDE OUT' as the theme of the exhibition and since then I've been working, on and off, on pieces to exhibit, in response to my developing interpretation of the theme:

Alongside my work I included an outline creative biography, with the aim of orienting my work to my thought processes and guiding influences:


I exhibited the following 9 paintings, with 5 sales and several commission enquiries.

Brussels Green
Alpine Night
2 Highfield
Mole Valley
Let it all Unravel
North London

3 weeks prior to the exhibition I finally moved out of London and am now surrounded by trees, fields and fabulous hills. I've found it an exhausting few months albeit for good reasons, but after a week or two off to recover, I know I'll be eager to start afresh. I already have some initial ideas for the commissions bubbling along in the background, along with the urge to experiment with some new materials and media, and I'm curious to see what I make of these long-awaited glorious views at every turn.

I might be 'resting' but I'm exploring new exhibition options and starting to make new local networks. I'm excited to find out what lies ahead.